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Bize goşul!
Lukmanlary işe çagyrýas!
Bize goşul!
Lukmanlary işe çagyrýas!

About Us


Founded in October 2009

Number of blogs to date: 2,000

Number of readers’ questions answered: 1,000

Number of health pamphlets developed: 16

Numbers of books translated: 2


Saglyk is the only website that has been consistently providing public health information in the Turkmen language since 2009.

We are a non-profit initiative. We have been working with bloggers, medical professionals, and artists to develop and produce quality, up-to-date information in the Turkmen language on critical and sometimes sensitive public health issues.


We stand for healthy family, community, and environment, as our logo reflects.

saglyk.org logo


Take care of your health.

We write and develop information in an easy-to-understand format and in the Turkmen language so you can read, learn, and reflect in your native language on your own health and on societal issues.

Take care of your family’s health.

We provide information on various issues that affect the health of your whole family. We help connect the dots between social and medical conditions, which informs healthy family relations. No issue is taboo for us!

Take care of your community.

You can help improve public health literacy in your community by sharing our information and using it to start conversations.

Take care of the environment.

We help you see the connection between a healthy environment and your own health. Environmental health literacy is one of the pillars of our work.

Saglyk.org is where your passion and creativity help the public in Turkmenistan to take charge of their health. Please join and support our public health literacy work!